Thinking of buying a property for sale in Pezenas, or the Languedoc region?

  • We've done it and we're delighted that we did!
  • We're happy to share our experience with you
  • We get NO commission from anyone so our advice is totally independent
  • We can tell about agencies, the system, notaires, etc.
  • Please be careful of British ex-pats who operate property websites! Not all of them are reliable!

Firstly, we are NOT property agents or realtors. We're just a normal couple who decided to make our home here and we're happy to help.

My husband Leigh spent months researching, talking to estate agents ('immobiliers'), and looking at many websites. There are people in this area who run English language property websites and who claim to be independent. But please BE CAREFUL!

We went through this process and we made mistakes in the people we trusted. We learnt how to buy a property safely and bought 'Villa La Siroque', and then our weekly rental holiday villa - 'Villa Henri', but ONLY after we discovered how things really work here. If you want to buy a house in Pezenas or the Languedoc and need a place to stay, we think we're a good option! If you want some honest advice from people who get NO commission of any kind from agents, we'll tell you about our experiences.

We just wish we'd had good, independent advice when we were looking!

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